Redot Gallery Exhibition

Invitation to The Amazing IS/PS Aboriginal Painting Exhibition

Grade 4 and 5 have completed collaborative paintings based on Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. These will be exhibited at the Redot Gallery alongside the inspiring works of Paddy Japaljarri Stewart, one of the artists who began the aboriginal art movement in his desert community of Yuendumu.

All Kindergarten children have also ‘dot-painted’ their own pictures to illustrate stories from the Dreamtime.

We invite you to visit the gallery at the following times to view your child’s painting:

All Grade 5 classes,

and the following kindergarten classes 

Mr. Hinton,   Ms Clow, Ms Sudesh, Mrs. Schwarz, Mrs. Howitt 

Sat. 1 Dec. and Sun. 2 Dec. 1-5pm

All Grade 4 classes

and the following kindergarten classes

Ms Scott, Mrs. Wan, Ms van Oosten, Mrs. Riley, Ms Hevey

 Sat. 8 Dec. and Sun. 9 Dec. 1-5pm

With over 240 pieces to be displayed, we have chosen this as the best arrangement to enable the majority of families to visit the gallery once. However, we are aware that not everyone is able to do this and apologize for the inconvenience.

Please refer to the link below for directions to the exhibition; it can be a difficult place to find.

Directions to Redot Gallery

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Artistically yours,

Kelly McFadzen,  Erin Caskey,  Laurie Thompson, Suzanne Heathorn, Doc Emery      

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