A Very Busy Week

Want to know what has been going on in C100 this week. Lots!

Grade Three

Grade Three students have been busy decorating their brand new sketchbooks. Now that they are ready to go, I have given them a mission…a Sketchbook Mission. Mission #1 reviews and explores the color wheel with a little Pop Art twist, thanks to some inspiration from Keith Haring.

Grade Four

Grade Four students are getting their hands dirty as we start the year off with a clay projects. Students are creating their own sculptures once again inspired by our Artist of the Month, Keith Haring.

Grade Five

We are going to be creating some art in the dark, as we try to do some gesture and contour drawing in the dark. We won’t be using pencils and paper, we are using lights and cameras. We we also be doing another project at the same time using our iPads. Students will create their own Pop Art People using two apps Wooden Dolls 3D and Brushes 3.  I will have some great video to show you soon.

Contour drawing with light.

Contour drawing with light.

Gesture drawing with light.

Gesture drawing with light.


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