Welcome Back

IMG_1831The Elementary Art Team is ready for the start of school. We are looking forward to a great year. Here are just a few things happening at the in the next few weeks.

  • Summer Art Challenge– if you completed the Summer Art Challenge, bring your completed form to your art teacher to collect your SAS Art Star wristband.
  • The Great Art Quest – Starting the week of September 4 look for hidden pictures of famous art work. Scan the QR code, identify the work and earn points for your class. Also each month the individual students who have found and identified the most art works will become SAS Art Stars.
  • The Japanese School Art Exchange – in May the art teachers selected the work that will representing SAS at the annual Japanese School Art Exchange. These names will be announced and certificates will be handed out to these young artists the first week of September.

Ms Mac’s Classes for 2017-2018

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.48.00 pm.png



The ART Show!


It is hard to believe, but the end of the school year is fast approaching.  We are so excited to share the work that our young artists have been creating this year. What makes this year even more amazing? The whole school will be full of art! Yes, the art show this year will be K-12. The elementary art will be located in the foyer outside the Lunch Bunch room as well as in the Espace. Middle school will have their work in the MS foyer and the high school will have their exhibition in the atrium.

The show will run from May 11th through the 19th. We will celebrate our grand opening in the MS foyer on May 12 at 3:30 pm. Join us for the fun activities, a parade, snacks and great art. Invitations to elementary parents will also be sent out to invite you to join your child during their art class that week.

In the meantime, check out our students preparing for the show.

Visiting Author/Illustrators

Last month were very lucky to have not one, but two author/illustrators work with our students from kindergarten through grade five. Husband and wife team, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page shared their story about how they started to make children’s books at assemblies in the theatre.

Following that they had the opportunity to work with the students in the art studios. They shared their collage techniques. Then the kids had the opportunity to create their own collages. Each grade level had a different theme. Grade five students invented their own animals with strange adaptations that would allow them to survive on another planet. Grade four students illustrated the drama between predators and prey, focusing on animals that are native to Singapore. Grade three students learned about critical habitats and how the loss of habitats endanger some very vulnerable animals.

We learned a lot. We were inspired. We had fun.

People Who Make the World a Better Place

Artist Eric Waugh, unveiled a 2,500 square foot portrait of John Lennon in New York’s Central Park on International Peace Day. Inspired by this gigantic work of art, I asked my grade four students to paint a portrait of someone they believed has made the world a better place. It was interesting to see who made the list. I have to admit there were a few names that surprised me, and a few names I didn’t recognize. Check out just a few of the portraits in the video below.

Grade Three Prints

After exploring the lines and characters that Keith Haring frequently used, grade three students made prints inspired by the famous Pop Artist. Students created their draft on paper and then transferred their designs on to a Styrofoam printing plate.  After the initial print was made students picked one object on their print that the wanted to stand out by printing it with black ink.  Take a look at the prints Ms Wilcox and Ms Hooykaas’ classes created.  Below that video is the video explaining how we created the prints.

What Is Happening In StudioC100

Thank you to all of the parents who stopped by Studio C100 last night. It was so nice to meet the parents of so many of my amazing students. I have posted some of the instructional videos I shared last night on the Project Demo Page.

One of the things I am most excited about is The Great Art Quest. Students have been searching the school looking for the hidden artworks. With each picture there is a QR code that links to a Google Form that they need to fill out to win points for their class.

1 point for find the work.

2 points for identifying the artist

2 points for identifying the work.

The response has been amazing. It is so great hearing kids talking about art during their recess. Students are constantly running up and telling me that they have “found the Van Gogh” or “I scanned Mona Lisa.” I will post the points each before Monday morning each week.


Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a great summer. The elementary art department has lots of great things in store for this year. We are looking forward to seeing all our students back in class next week.  Here is a list of the teachers whose classes will have art here in Studio C100.

Grade Three
Ms Burrows
Ms Hooykaas
Ms Wilcox
Mr. Gray
Mr. C Smith

Grade Four
Ms Brinton
Ms Van Gasse
Ms Baildon
Ms Redlin

Grade Five
Ms Wolsey
Mrs. Curnett
Ms Sedro
Ms Kim
Ms Guettler