Studio C100 Stop Motion Film Festival

IMG_1538The grade 5 students in Studio C100 recently participated in a stop motion film festival. Their mission was to create an original stop motion animated video at least 30 seconds long. The videos needed to have a soundtrack, credits and a title. Oh, one more thing it had to include at least one can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, in honour of our Artist of the Month for December, Andy Warhol. Classes voted on which videos they believed were the best. The votes have been counted and the winners announced. Click on the links below to see the video that won.

Ms Guettler’s Class                       Tomato Can Face Off.                      by Tina & Chynna

Ms Curnett’s Class                                   The Bully                                   by Roxy & Natalie

Ms Sedro’s Class                               Soup Can Parkour                           by Ian & Henry

Ms Smith’s  Class                                  The Monster                                 by Kenny

Ms Kim’s Class                                        The Canicorn                              by Nicole

Ms Meredith’s Class               Adventures of Soupy & Dad*                  by Martha & Sam

* Adventures of Soupy & Dad was the overall winner.

Another award was given for the best sets, costumes and special effects. It was given to Bjorn, William and Ewan for their film Strike of the Sith.



Inspired by Azza Fahmy

Azza Fahmy was our Artist of the Month for November, her jewellery designs where an inspiration to my students. Studio C100 was soon a little jewellery making factory. Grade 3 took washers and transformed them into beautiful pendents.  Grade 4 used collage techniques and found objects to create broaches. Grade 5 took Azza Fahmy’s advice and looked for inspiration around the school. Using the photos that they took of different patterns, textures and designs around the campus they designed their own jewellery using Shrinky Dinks, beads, glass gems and wire.  Take a look at just a sample of what has been created in the last couple of weeks.


Postkad Pameran 2015 – Hope to See You There

Tonight is the big opening night for Postkad Pameran. There will be 5,000 pieces of art from around the world. Among those pieces will be more than 60 created by elementary students here at Singapore American School. As a added bonus there are a number of SAS teachers who have work in the exhibition as well. The exhibition is being held at the Gillman Baracks which is located at Blk 7 #01-13 Lock Road. The exhibition runs through to Sunday the 22nd. Opening hours are noon until 7 pm.  Come on out to support our young artists. Students are selling their work to raise money to support the World Wildlife Fund and help restore wild species and their habitats.

Decorative Self-Portrait

During August our grade five students got a chance to explore the work of Gustav Klimt. Using symbols and styles of line that Klimt used in many of his paintings including Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I students created self-portraits. We also experimented using a little gold or silver leaf on the portraits. What did we find out about using gold leaf? It is really hard to work with and it usually sticks everywhere except where you actually want it to stick.  Check out the videos below to see what the students created.

Mrs. Smith and Ms Guettler’s Classes

Ms Kim and Ms Sedro’s Classes

Mrs. Meredith and Mrs. Curnett’s Classes


Pameran Poskad 2015

This year in honor of Singapore American School’s 6oth anniversary we are giving 60 fifth graders the opportunity to take part in the Pameran Poskad Exhibition 2015. This gives students a chance to have their postcard sized work hanging in a gallery alongside artists from around the world. For more information check out the video below or visit Ms Caskey in Studio C102.

Tree of Life

Inspired by Gustav Klimt my grade three students experimented with difference kinds of lines and shapes, and maybe a little bling to create their own Tree of Life paintings.

Take a look at the work the students in Ms Bailey’s class created.

Check out the work from Ms Hooykaas’ Class.

Photos from all my other grade three classes are available by clicking on the grade three student gallery link.

What Will Singapore Be Like 50 Years From Now?

As we continue to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday this year, do you ever stop to wonder what Singapore will be like 50 years from now? If the idea of a futuristic Singapore inspires you, draw it, paint it, print it. Then enter your art work in the Allied Pickfords Singapore 2016 Desktop Calendar Art Competition. This is our second year taking part in this competition and it is amazing to see what amazing things our young artists come up with.

Ashley from Ms Caskey's class was the winner from SAS last year.

Ashley from Ms Caskey’s class was the winner from SAS last year.

The entry forms are available from Ms Mac in Studio C100. If you are interested please return you finished work on an A4 piece of paper, together with the entry form to Ms Mac, by September 25th. We will deliver the entries directly to Allied Pickfords. Click to see the terms and conditions of the contest.