Project Demos


Check here for videos of demonstrations and links to presentations I have done with the kids.

Grade Three – Art on a Bottle

Grade Five – Reduction Prints

Grade Three- Pop Art People Prints


Grade Five – Pop Art People & Tints & Shades


Grade Four – Portraits of Sam

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s portraits of his cats, grade four creates mono-prints of their own cat drawings.

Grade Three – Wild Animal Prints

Grade three students make two colour prints of wild endangered animals.

Grade Three – Tree of Life Project

Grade three student experiment with the different symbols and shapes that Gustav Klimt used in his paintings.

Grade Five – Watercolor Mission

Grade five students experiment with different watercolor techniques before they start their big painting assignment.

Grade Five  Extreme Makeover – Landmark Edition

Inspired by Pacita Abad

Extreme Makeover – Landmark Edition Presentation

Grade Five Jewelry Design Project

Inspired by Azza Fahmy

Finding Inspiration Presentation

Grade Four Chalk Musical Compositions

Inspired by Eric Waugh

Grade Four Pop Art People Scupltures

Inspired by Keith Haring

Grade Five Extension Project

Inspired by Frida Kahlo

My grade five took photos of themselves in the gardens around school. They were each either holding a stuffed animal or something else that was precious to them. We used the photos to create a mixed media print project. Here are directions on how to take that same photo and create a animated drawing around it.

Grade Three – Pet Portraits

Inspired by Eric Waugh

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