SAS Elementary Art Program


We believe that experience with the visual arts is an essential and fundamental part of personal growth and intellectual development. Every student, kindergarten through grade 5, receives instruction in the visual arts. Art Education is grounded in age-appropriate developmental practices. Elementary lessons focus on process, discovery and exploration in order to gain experience with skills and concepts relating to art. Through art, most aspects of human potential can be identified, encouraged and nurtured.

Discipline Based Art Education

Lessons are based on a sequential curriculum of developmentally appropriate experiences. We are committed to stydying art disciplines, reflecting a comprehensive program as recommended by the American National Standards for Education in the Arts.

  • Historical, Cultural and Social Contexts

To promote the students’ understanding and appreciation of artistic and cultural heritage and the role of art in contemporary society.

  • Creating Art and Art Production Process

To provide expressive and creative opportunities for experiences with art tools and materials in sequential process acknowledging the schematic development of the student.

  • Art Analysis and Criticism

Through talking about art, the learner will gain the ability to observe, describe, analyze, interpret, and make critical judgments about the form and content of art.

  • Aesthetics: A Philosophical Basis for Art

An understanding of the nature, meaning and value of Art is an important component of art education. The discussion of these philosophical questions sets art apart from other areas of the curriculum.


Students use a variety of art materials and techniques. Studio activities are designed to develop creative expression as well as visual language and vocabulary. Problem solving skills are enhanced as students learn to make aesthetic decisions, judgments and develop informed opinions about art. Each year students at all levels will gain experience using the following media and skill sets: ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and textiles. Please check the link below to see what each grade level will be covering.

Elementary Art Common Media and Processes

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