Please join us for this year’s celebration of elementary school art. You are welcome to visit the exhibition anytime during the week of May 16th-20th. Parents you are invited to join your child during their art class so you can visit the show together.

Here are the dates and times.

May 16th

9:20 am  Ms Sedro’s Class

10:10 am  Mrs. T. Smith’s Class

11:00 am Ms Hooykaas’s Class

12:35 pm Ms Wilcox’s Class

May 17th

9:20 am Ms Kim’s Class

10:10 am Ms Guettler’s Class

11:00 am Ms Rigg Anderson’s Class

12:35 pm Mr. C. Smith’s Class

1:25 pm Ms Baildon’s Class

2:15 pm Mr. Davidson’s Class

May 18th

9:20 am Ms Meredith’s Class

10:10 am Ms Curnett’s Class

11:00 am Ms Bailey’s Class

1:25 pm Ms Brinton’s Class

Hope to see you there.


End of 3rd Quarter

I can’t believe that we are about to head out on spring break. Studio C100 has been a very busy place during this last quarter. All of my classes have created ceramic pieces that are part of our latest art instillation. We are creating 60 sculpture poles in honour of our school’s 60th birthday.

The first one was installed this week.


We have lots of exciting things coming up in our fourth quarter, including a visit of illustrator Carin Berger. She will be working with all of the K-5 students, giving them a peak into the life of a working artist and helping them to make their own unique creations.

We are lucky enough to be able to have an interactive light drawing instillation May 9th to 12, that all of the students will be able to interact with. The photos created from this unique experience will be exhibited at our annual art exhibition, May 16th to 20th. We will be sending more information home to you, closer to the actual dates.

Enjoy your March break!






Thinking Outside The Crayon Box 2015

Hard to believe the art show has come and gone already. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success. I loved watching students share their work with parents, classmates and teachers. It was great fun back in the classroom as well, with parents and students working together to create some pretty amazing art.

Thinking Outside the Crayon Box

It is almost that time of year. Thinking Outside The Crayon Box, our annual elementary art show will be here before we know it.  You are welcome to visit the show anytime during the school day the week of May 12- 16th.  Parents are invited to join their children at the art show during their child’s regular scheduled art class.  Check below for a schedule.

Please join your child during their art class.

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.34.01 AM







The Preparations Have Begun

The preparations for this year’s Thinking Outside the Crayon box exhibition have begun.  My grade five students started selecting their work for the show today. Lots of tough decisions were made.  The exhibition runs from May 13-17th. You are welcome to view the exhibition anytime, but if you have a student in one of my classes, you are invited to a special viewing during your child’s art class. You should have received an invitation a few weeks ago setting out the date and time. I will post the schedule in a couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of some of the work that goes on before the exhibition.