Thousands of Bottle Caps Later….

Well, it took one year, 6 art teachers and their students, thousands of bottle caps and 12 gallons of resin, but we have finally finished our bottle cap mural. Thank you to everyone who helped from the people who collected the caps, the students who arranged and glued the caps, the facilities folks who helped with the resin and the instillation.  Please stop by to see the mural during Student Led Conferences. You can find it at the top of the stairs on the bridge, by my classroom.

Save Those Bottle Caps

The elementary art team is embarking on a new collaborative piece of art for the school. Students at all grade levels from 1-5 will work on this project. We are going to need a lot of bottle caps! So please start saving your plastic bottle caps and send them to your child’s art teacher. Can’t wait to get started.