Drawing With Light One Last Time

We have wrapped up our Drawing With Light Unit. My grade five students have had so much fun creating these photos. They may have just learned a little along the way about gesture and contour drawings and shutter speeds. I have already posted the work from most of my grade five classes but here are the last two.

Mrs. Smith’s Class


Ms Guettler’s Class


More Beautiful Light Drawings

Here are some more light drawing works from Ms Kim and Mr. DeMichele’s class. If you want to take a closer look at the work you can click on the Grade Five Artists Gallery link to see all of the photos. In the meantime here are the videos.

Ms Kim’s Class

Mr. DeMichele’s Class

Experimenting With Light and Line

It started as a lesson on gesture and contour drawing and turned into an colorful experiment in light and line. Students in grade five have been learning how to use a camera and colored lights to create some unique and fantastical drawings.  Take a look at the videos from Ms Bond and Ms Meredith’s classes. If you want a closer look at the photos you can find them in the Grade Five Artists Gallery.

Ms Bond’s Class

Ms Meredith’s Class