Studio C100 Stop Motion Film Festival

IMG_1538The grade 5 students in Studio C100 recently participated in a stop motion film festival. Their mission was to create an original stop motion animated video at least 30 seconds long. The videos needed to have a soundtrack, credits and a title. Oh, one more thing it had to include at least one can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, in honour of our Artist of the Month for December, Andy Warhol. Classes voted on which videos they believed were the best. The votes have been counted and the winners announced. Click on the links below to see the video that won.

Ms Guettler’s Class                       Tomato Can Face Off.                      by Tina & Chynna

Ms Curnett’s Class                                   The Bully                                   by Roxy & Natalie

Ms Sedro’s Class                               Soup Can Parkour                           by Ian & Henry

Ms Smith’s  Class                                  The Monster                                 by Kenny

Ms Kim’s Class                                        The Canicorn                              by Nicole

Ms Meredith’s Class               Adventures of Soupy & Dad*                  by Martha & Sam

* Adventures of Soupy & Dad was the overall winner.

Another award was given for the best sets, costumes and special effects. It was given to Bjorn, William and Ewan for their film Strike of the Sith.



More Beautiful Light Drawings

Here are some more light drawing works from Ms Kim and Mr. DeMichele’s class. If you want to take a closer look at the work you can click on the Grade Five Artists Gallery link to see all of the photos. In the meantime here are the videos.

Ms Kim’s Class

Mr. DeMichele’s Class

Congratulations to the Artists

Congratulations to all of the artists from kindergarten, grade four and grade five. Your art work was very well received at the recent exhibition at the Redot Gallery.

After completing a unit on Aboriginal Art the students had their paintings exhibited along side the work of Paddy Japaljarri Stewart. It was a wonderful project that saw my fourth and fifth graders working together to create collaborative pieces that illustrated Aboriginal stories of the Dreamtime.

The Mythical Beasts.

Leonardo da Vinci has been our Artist of the Month for October. My grade five students took some advice from the master himself to create their own mythical creatures. They are almost finished but here is a sneak peak.