Color Families & Kandinsky

Take a look at what Ms Rigg-Anderson’s and Ms Kitaoka’s classes have been up to. They learned about color families, then had to pick one and use those colors to create an acrylic painting using the kinds of shapes that Vassily Kandinsky used in some of his abstract works.

Experimenting With Watercolor Techniques

My grade five classes have been experimenting with watercolor techniques. We were inspired byKandinsky’s shapes to create the composition. Then each student used all 10 of the watercolor techniques we had learned about and practiced.  Take a look at the work from Ms Smith’s and Ms Guettler’s classes.

Color Families

Inspired by the abstract work of Kandinsky, my grade three classes embarked on their own acrylic abstract paintings. Using what they had learned from their sketchbook mission about color theory, and the shapes that Kandinsky used, they created their own masterpieces. Take a look at the paintings created by Ms Dripps and Ms Wilcox’s classes. To take a closer look at the paintings click on the Grade Three Artists Gallery.