We Don’t Need Paper to Draw

Over the last couple of weeks grade five has been working on creating gesture and contour drawings, not with pencils and paper but with lights and cameras. The kids had a ton of fun creating this colorful works of art. Some students were very successful in creating the gesture and contour drawings, but even the drawings that didn’t turn out like we thought they would are still beautiful. Take a look at what each of my grade five classes created.

Pop Art in the Dark and on the iPads


It was a little crazy this morning during my grade five classes. Half of the class was in the dark working on their light drawings. The other half was in the hallway armed with their iPads. They were creating Pop Art People using two apps. Wooden Doll 3D and Brushes 3.

Here is a look at how they made the images on the iPad. I will post the video for the light drawing a little later.