A Frog In Monet’s Garden

After reading the picture book Phillipe in Monet’s Garden by Lisa Jobe Carmack and illustrated by Lisa Canney Chesaux, my grade four students created their own ceramic frogs. The ‘practiced, scoring, slipping and blending’ the clay to make all the pieces stay together. We also worked with underglaze, glaze and overglaze. The result is a pond full of friendly, funny frogs. They each of their very own unique personality.

Mrs. Hinton’s Class

Mr. Scott’s Class

Mr. Davidson’s Class

Monet’s Garden

Last month, we celebrated the work of Claude Monet. The students learned lots of things about this famous Impressionist. Inspired by his beautiful water gardens, my grade three classes tried to ‘bottle’ those beautiful colours with their waterlily project. Students covered bottle in various shades of blue and green tissue paper. They painted waterlilies on the bottles, trying to make it look like there was a hint of sunlight bouncing off the edge of the lily pads.

Mrs. Burnett’s Class

Mrs. Buxton’s Class

Ms Farris’ Class

Mr. Kennedy’s Class

Ms Zarikow’s Class