The Preparations Have Begun

The preparations for this year’s Thinking Outside the Crayon box exhibition have begun.  My grade five students started selecting their work for the show today. Lots of tough decisions were made.  The exhibition runs from May 13-17th. You are welcome to view the exhibition anytime, but if you have a student in one of my classes, you are invited to a special viewing during your child’s art class. You should have received an invitation a few weeks ago setting out the date and time. I will post the schedule in a couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of some of the work that goes on before the exhibition.

A Frog In Monet’s Garden

After reading the picture book Phillipe in Monet’s Garden by Lisa Jobe Carmack and illustrated by Lisa Canney Chesaux, my grade four students created their own ceramic frogs. The ‘practiced, scoring, slipping and blending’ the clay to make all the pieces stay together. We also worked with underglaze, glaze and overglaze. The result is a pond full of friendly, funny frogs. They each of their very own unique personality.

Mrs. Hinton’s Class

Mr. Scott’s Class

Mr. Davidson’s Class